Campaigns Examples

I believe that in a changing dynamic world, we as professionals not only need to be qualified, skilled, and experienced, but we also need to be resilient.  Resiliency is something I have acquired through all the changes in my life.

As a MKT Director at Twentieth Century Fox, Puerto Rico. I had the chance to release more that 300 movies in 12 years. Every single one of these titles had a full marketing plan that needed to be planned, developed and executed fast and accurate. My strong background as an entertainment industry marketer, releasing movies such as Avatar, Star Wars, Ice Age, X-Men, etc. Proves my consistency. My long-term experience in the film industry has developed my quick response time, accuracy, and ability to develop eye-catching effective strategies.

As head of the marketing team in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic, I had the challenge of tropicalizing every single one of our campaigns so it could have the local feeling and could be related to the local culture. Every one of them was a very particulate and targeted product that needed a huge coordination among international and national teams, including the coordination with different creative, advertising and public relations agencies. I consistently created personalized marketing campaigns, resulting in a continuous market share above US sister division, averaging an 18% higher penetration during the last 10 years.  I was recognized for keeping profit and loss margins above the divisions goal since 2006; reached profits in 92% of 362 releases, remaining +35% above global industry standards.

I moved to Colorado 6 years ago and had the chance of working at CSU in The School of Global Environmental Sustainability for almost 2 years has been a wonderful experience. I also had the privilege of working for the Music District as a Marketing Manager role in communications and corporate identity.

Last year I had the privilege of working at the Family Center/ La Familia, a nonprofit organization focused on helping families in need in our City. At the Center, I had the chance to contact with a community that shares my same concerns and challenges as an immigrant in this country.

Since last year I have been working at KRFC 88.9 Radio Fort Collins, a non profit community radio station where I have been able to collaborate with amazing community committed and creative human beings.

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