Who are the Green Doctors?

Who do you call when you need someone to trim a tree 5, 7 or 10 feet high?

Who do you call when your favorite tree looks sick or with a plague?

When the roots of your trees raise the floor, collide with the pipes, break the sidewalks, or are getting close to the electric lines?

Probably the first thing that comes to our mind is to call Panchito, that kind and fantastic gardener who always treats our plants and roses. Or perhaps uncle John, who loves trees. Or even cousin Peter, who is a skilled tree climber since he was six years old. As always, we can always ask for the help and advice of our closest friends; but in this particular case, the correct answer to this question is, a Certified Arborist!


But, what is an Arborist?

According to Dr. Rivas, (Certified Arborist and President of the Mexican Association of Arboriculture “AMA “). An Arborist is: the professional who studies and puts into practice the principles of Arboriculture, the science and art of the cultivation and care of urban trees. An arborist is a consultant and supervisor in urban development projects, knows how to plan, design, direct and execute all kinds of jobs on trees in the city”.

The tasks and functions of an arborist are broad. From genetic improvement, production and formation of urban trees; to selection of species according to each ecosystem, planting, and fertilization, transplant, pruning and felling (when necessary). Diagnosis, management, and pests control, maintenance programs among many others. Bottom line, they are “Tree Doctors.” They review, diagnose and put in place a series of strategies for the general well-being of our trees.

We con´t know much about these “Tree Doctors” in Mexico as it is a slightly new profession, but recently it has grown and developed so that we have more and more trained professionals.

What does it mean that an arborist is certified?

It means that the arborist has completed a rigorous training process, to ensure that he or she complies with the necessary safety and knowledge standards endorsed by the international arboriculture society. ISA. To keep this certification, these professionals must have a continuous education through workshops, courses, practices, books, and other tools so they can continue developing and updating their skills and knowledge year after year.

Working on trees is risky, as the person above is climbing at a considerable height. They have to move around the tree to be able to work correctly, and probably using a chainsaw; it is essential to be sure they have the necessary safety gear, but that know how to use it properly. Safety is a crucial fact about the certification because it guarantees that this professional will work with strict standards that will keep him, the tree and your property safe.

Trees are of vital importance for our existence on this planet. The urban trees beside being our responsibility are the Cities lungs, so all of us at some point will require an arborist service.

The good news is that now we have more information available, and every day we learn a little more. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact these “Green Doctors” you will undoubtedly learn something interesting!

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"Para mi la naturaleza es sagrada. Los árboles son mis templos, los bosques mis catedrales y la roca mi altar"

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